Fitbit's kid-focused fitness tracker is available today

You can pick up the Ace for $99.95.

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Back in March, Fitbit announced the Ace, a wearable fitness tracker aimed at kids. Today, the company announced that the Ace is available globally today. In North America, you can pick up the tracker at Amazon, Best Buy, Kohl's, Target and It's available in two colors, electric blue and power purple, and retails for $99.95.

The Fitbit Ace tracks steps, active minutes and sleep for your child. It will remind them to move once an hour and provide motivation through badges and challenges. However, Fitbit will never allow children to see calories burned or body fat percentages. That's reserved for adults, who can manage their child's Fitbit Ace through the website's new family accounts. This allows parents to have control over incoming friend requests and more.

This isn't the first child-centered fitness tracker -- Garmin makes the Vivofit, which is also for kids. But it's clear that fitness tracking companies are moving into the children's market; it remains to be seen whether these devices will take off in the wake of rising child obesity and diabetes rates.

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