'GLOW' season two trailer includes big hair and bigger issues

Netflix is raising the stakes for one of its larger hits.

Netflix has invested a lot of energy into GLOW's second season, and now we have an inkling as to whether or not that trust is well-placed. The service has posted a trailer for the new GLOW that makes it clear the stakes are higher this time around. The ladies of wrestling have to contend with not only mounting personal drama, but creepy fans, threats of cancellation, more men on the show and racist caricatures. And of course, it's relentlessly '80s between the music, the hair and the vintage tech.

Season two is still on track to premiere June 29th. It's not certain that this will have as much success as the first season, but it demonstrates that Netflix is willing to pour resources into poignant and oddball shows when there's a clear audience -- it's not just interested in mass-appeal blockbusters.