Deliveroo will expand its network with restaurants’ own riders

Establishments will be able to tap into Deliveroo's fleet even if they already have their own riders.

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Mariella Moon
June 13, 2018 3:15 AM
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Deliveroo has taken leaf out of Just Eat's book and will allow partner restaurants to use their own riders. That means it can now team up with establishments that have their own fleet. The British food delivery app will launch a new service called "Marketplace+" in July -- its partners can then use it to gain access to Deliveroo's 15,000 riders in the UK to boost their own network. That will give them a chance to keep up with orders during peak periods and offer deliveries to locations they couldn't cover before.

Deliveroo co-founder and CEO Will Shu said in a statement: "Traditionally we've been unable to work with those restaurants... because they already have their own delivery fleet and so they thought 'well we don't really need Deliveroo.' We're changing the game. We're enabling these restaurants to tap into our delivery fleet."

Deliveroo expects to add 5,000 establishments to its current list of 10,000 partners by the end of the year thanks to this new rule. It certainly has the potential to make make Deliveroo bigger than it already is and could help it reach its expansion goals: it's planning to make its way to 50 new towns and cities in order to reach 6 million customers in the UK this year.

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