I need one of 8Bitdo's incredibly tiny Switch controllers

I'll take mine in GameBoy grey please.

It's generally quiet on the hardware front at E3 2018, cardboard arcade cabinets aside. There are always people shopping for controllers, however, and 8Bitdo is adding to its generally excellent third-party Bluetooth controllers with the Zero 2, a retro-styled controller with motion controls, glossy color options and even a slot for your keychain. And it's actually small enough to warrant attaching it to something.

Besides Nintendo's Switch, where these could certainly come in handy for multiplayer titles with more than two gamers, the Bluetooth connection means they're also a very portable option for hardware controls for your smartphone. (Naturally, Windows PCs and Macs are also doable.)

Unfortunately, I could only handle dummy models here at E3, so any comments about how it feels are pretty moot right now. It's a little cramped, but it looks like it will be useable enough for Mario Kart and other games with relatively simple controls -- responsive Hadouken input still TBC. I'm hopeful I'll get to test one out for real before the selection goes on sale later this year -- and hopefully the price tag will appear, too.

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