Apple's free Schoolwork app for teachers is available now

Welcome to the digital classroom.

Apple and education have been synonymous for awhile, and this morning the Cupertino company reiterated that relationship by releasing Schoolwork. The free app suite was originally announced at an education-focused event in Chicago, and now, three months later Apple is ready to let teachers kick the tires.

When we spoke with a handful of them after Apple's event, most seemed into the idea behind the app -- creating a digital classroom and cutting back on paper waste -- but said that the high price of outfitting a class with enough tablets made Schoolwork's promise a bit unrealistic.

Essentially, the app functions a lot like Blackboard, a web suite for college students and educators. With it, you can create and send announcements and even assign and track homework. Either way, if you want a peek, it won't cost you anything.

The timing of this seems pretty intentional: Teachers we spoke with said they wouldn't have the time to learn new software and implement it into the classroom. Well, now it looks like Apple just gave them some summer homework.