Nintendo's next Labo kit should include these laser tag guns

And the hats, please.

If you wish Nintendo's Labo projects did more to help your friends partake in the fun, you're in for a treat. Japanese tinkerers Miyuki and Ran have developed a homebrew laser tag system that uses a Switch for some two-player blaster action. The duo used Labo's Toy-Con Garage to turn pairs of Joy-Cons (which have infrared sensors and emitters) into both light guns and targets, with the Switch itself both recording hits and reducing a player's "health" as they take shots.

To spice things up, the team designed appropriately Nintendo-themed battle gear to house the controllers. The guns use a mix of plywood and PVC piping to recreate Nintendo's NES Zapper, while the targets sit in cardboard Mario caps. Apparently, these creations work well -- they're designed to make sure the Joy-Cons won't fly loose while you're in the heat of battle.

This project would take a lot of work to recreate yourself, and it won't do you much good if you want larger-scale battles. However, it's a testament to the flexibility of Labo and the Toy-Con Garage software -- you can create all sorts of experiences that Nintendo hadn't envisioned. Let's just hope the company is taking notes for its next round of Labo kits.