'Orange is the New Black' trailer reveals rising tension in season 6

Friendships and safety are at stake.

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Netflix has remained relatively tight-lipped about what the sixth season of Orange is the New Black would entail. It's opening up now that the new season's trailer has arrived, though... and it's evident that tension is the order of the day. The series has the women of Litchfield Penitentiary moving to a maximum security prison following the riot in season five, and they not only have to grapple with the realities of their new locale (including scary inmates and cruel guards), but each other. For instance, they're facing charges in the wake of the riot -- do they turn on each other out of self-preservation, or stick together?

The new run premieres July 27th, and a lot is riding on its success this time around. There's the 'reset' following the dramatic end to season five, of course, but the show is also carrying more weight on its shoulders with House of Cards' scandal pushing the political drama's release to the fall. Netflix doesn't need OITNB to be a huge hit given the huge variety of shows it offers, but it would no doubt like one of its earliest originals to remain a selling point for the service.

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