‘Fortnite’ Funko Pop! toys will be here for the holidays

But which skins will they make into figures?

Fans of Funko's squat, wide-eyed Pop! figurines have a surprise headed their way: A line is incoming based on the popular game Fortnite. Epic Games has partnered with the toy company to release a smattering of figures, collectibles and apparel that should end up on store shelves by the holiday 2018 season.

Funko's Pop! line has recreated figures in movies, video games and other media for years, so it's no surprise they're turning to Fortnite, a game so popular that its emote 'dances' made their way to the World Cup. The company didn't release any images with the announcement nor hints of what the final designs will look like, so it's anybody's guess which outfits they'll choose to immortalize from the game's ever-increasing collection of skins. But if the toys are a big enough hit, who knows? Maybe Epic Games will follow Gears' lead and give us a playable Pop! version of Fortnite.