Send tracks from Amazon Music to Alexa devices with Alexa Cast

This was a sorely needed feature for the service.

Today, Amazon announced that users listening to music through the Amazon Music app can now cast their tunes to any Alexa-enabled speaker from their phone. The feature is called, unsurprisingly, Alexa Cast.

These sorts of built-in controls for listening on external speakers have been sorely missing from Amazon Music and have held it back from becoming a true rival to services like Spotify and Apple Music. The Amazon Music listening experience was not seamless, unless you wanted to use your voice. But now, thanks to Alexa Cast, it's one step closer to being a full-fledged music service.

The update is available today, and users need only update their Amazon Music app on iOS or Android to access it. Once you're in the updated app, simply find the cast icon, and any Amazon or Alexa-enabled speakers you have should be listed.