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The Morning After: Our verdict on Microsoft's Surface Go

Oh and ziplining with a VR headset.

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Yes, Friday! We spent yesterday ziplining while wearing VR headsets, explaining the trillion-dollar business that is Apple and giving our verdict on Motorola's long-running modular phone experiment. Oh and there's a blind Call of Duty player that's probably better than you.

That's a lot of iPhones.
Apple is now a $1 trillion company

Apple hit a new milestone: It's the first publicly traded trillion-dollar American company. Yesterday the firm announced an adjusted (higher) share count, and by this morning the stock price rose, ensuring the company hit that trillion-dollar mark in value.

The ideal cheap Windows tablet... almostSurface Go review

The Surface Go is the first Surface that can actually take on the iPad, says Senior Editor Devindra Hardawar. It's impressively thin and light, while also being a fully-fledged Windows PC. Unfortunately, slow hardware means you can't stress it too much, and Windows still faces the challenge of not having enough compelling tablet apps.

The proposed policy would significantly curtail emission goals.
Trump administration reveals plans to roll back vehicle fuel standards

Earlier this year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it wanted to roll back vehicle-efficiency standards, and today the Trump administration revealed its plan to do so. Previous policies stated automakers have until 2025 to get their average fuel efficiencies for passenger vehicles to over 50 miles per gallon, but the new rules would freeze standards after 2021, and average fuel-efficiency requirements would then remain around 37 miles per gallon.

Adding a screen doesn't make the experience any better.
Ziplining and VR headsets make a weird couple

Perhaps there'll never be one killer use for VR, but some of the more unusual experimentations mix the virtual world with the real. Arguably a step beyond VR roller coasters, one zip line in the UK is strapping headsets to its customers for a 90-second ride. We had to try it.

Now, what's your excuse?
How a blind 'Call of Duty' player is racking up thousands of kills

A gamer took to Reddit last week to boast about scoring more than 7,500 lifetime kills in the first-person shooter Call of Duty: WWII. The twist? He's done it entirely without eyesight. He goes by the handle 'tj_the_blind_gamer' and uploads gameplay to his YouTube channel, which he created after discovering there weren't any other sightless Call of Duty streamers. He plays for his own enjoyment -- but streams it to show the world that blind gamers are out there, racking up kills. Here's how.

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