The Xbox One gamepad finally works like it should on Android

Previously there were button mapping issues.

This week, XDA Developers discovered that Google has added full Android support for Microsoft's Bluetooth-enabled Xbox controller. Previously, gamers could connect their Android devices to the controller, but the button mapping in many games was incorrect. Yesterday, Google marked a two-year-old bug report on the issue as fixed and indicated the controller will work with Android Pie.

When the Xbox One launched, the included controller only had a proprietary wireless format, which disappointed users who were hoping for a more versatile controller. But when the Xbox One S debuted, Microsoft upgraded the controller to support Bluetooth, and has packaged that controller with every console since (including the Xbox One X).

While this doesn't ensure backwards compatibility for the controller, it means it should work on devices running Android Pie going forward. This is a huge step forward for gaming on mobile devices, as the controller options for Android have been limited up to now. And, as CNET points out, with games like Fortnite making mobile gaming a more popular option, it's nice to see controller support finally catching up.