Audible offers two of its original audiobooks free every month

That's on top of your existing credits.

Audible isn't done offering freebies (of sorts) to subscribers. Members now receive two Audible Originals audiobooks every month on top of whatever they download using their credits. The Amazon-owned service will make six of its Originals available on the first Friday of every month, and ask you to choose two favorites from the bunch. The initial selection gives you a sense of what to expect. You'll see high-profile titles like Carey Mulligan's theatrical production Girls & Boys, an X-Files side story (Cold Cases) and a fresh reading of Jane Austen's classic novel Emma.

This is clearly meant to sweeten the pot for Audible subscribers, but it also gives the service's exclusive material a better opportunity to shine. You no longer have to give up on a must-read thriller or tell-all just to take a chance on one of Audible's own works. That, in turn, could give Audible a better idea of which Originals are working and help it produce more in that vein.