Telltale's final 'The Walking Dead' season continues September 25th

The second episode puts Clementine's future in doubt.

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Telltale Games
Telltale Games

We hope you've steeled yourself for the next installment of Telltale's final The Walking Dead season, because it's almost here. The developer plans to release the second episode on September 25th for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One players. You can buy a digital season pass for $20, while PS4 and Xbox One owners can pick up a season pass disc on November 6th for $30. You can also expect a Switch cartridge "at a later date."

We won't dive too far into the plot details for episode two, but it's safe to say that uncertainty is the order of the day. Clementine's chance at a home isn't as strong as it seemed -- and like always, the Walkers are less of a threat than other people. The TWD franchise has historically been an emotional roller coaster that rarely ends well for its characters, so you might want to have some tissues at the ready.

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