Destiny 2: Forsaken's Gambit mode is open to everyone this weekend

It's a good thing the base game is currently free for PS Plus members.

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With the base Destiny 2 free for PS Plus members through the month of September, Bungie is determined to sell newcomers on Forsaken -- and that means giving players a taste of what they're missing. The developer is making Forsaken's Gambit multiplayer mode available to everyone between September 21st and September 23rd. It might be worth a look, especially if you're not usually fond of human-versus-human combat.

Gambit is a hybrid mode that has two four-player teams racing to kill AI enemies as quickly as possible to fill an energy bank. When that bank tops up, you can summon a powerful Taken creature and assault the enemy team with a major advantage on your side. Moreover, you can throw a monkey wrench into your opponents' plans by sending one player to attack rivals once you've reached certain in-between milestones. You can have the thrill of competition without having to master the human-on-human combat skills that dictate the Crucible.

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