Garmin built a Spider-Man activity tracker for kids

Fitness rewards unlock Spidey's story on a companion app.

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Saqib Shah
September 20th, 2018

Spider-Man is seemingly everywhere this year. The web slinger jumped off cinema screens in Avengers: Infinity War and on to his first console game in years, the universally-acclaimed Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4. Just in time to cash in on the craze, he's getting his own Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2. The shrunken activity tracker for kids already boasts a bunch of colourful editions (including Disney Princesses) and now you can get it in two new Spider-Man themes that match his outfit, red and navy (sold separately).

The $80 wearable features a customizable colour screen, can track steps and sleep -- but the real fun lies in the corresponding Spider-Verse app. Here the focus is again on getting kids to stay active through challenges, including social games. Like with Insomniac's PS4 hit, an animated New York features heavily in the comic-book-style app adventure, with fitness facts scattered throughout Spidey's story. Meanwhile, parents can monitor their progress using their own smartphone app, through which they can set the tykes goals that'll earn them coins to spend on in-app rewards.

The new Vivofit Jr. 2 is available from Garmin's website and, if you tire of Spider-Man, you can swap out the new bands for alternatives (priced at $30 each), which mainly cater to Disney fans with Star Wars, Avengers, and Minnie Mouse themes.

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