Uber pledges to cap trip pricing during major emergencies

It's one of the company's new crisis response guidelines.

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Today, Uber outlined a new set of guidelines regarding how the company will respond in the event of a crisis, such as a natural disaster or terrorist attack. The company's Global Security Center (GSC) monitors conditions in every area that Uber operates, around the clock. Once it detects that there is a problem, there are a few actions that Uber can take.

The GSC will cap trip and surge pricing in the event of an emergency, and refund charges that may have gone through before the crisis was recognized. If a disaster is occurring and the caps haven't gone into effect, riders can report conditions directly through the Uber app.

The company will also work with local government agencies and emergency management teams to communicate with users about dangerous conditions or service suspension. Uber is also setting aside funds to contribute to disaster relief efforts. These efforts will include meals for first responders, transportation to shelters, support for local non-profits and more.

Until now, Uber has relied on local offices and teams to make the call on disasters, so this should streamline efforts and provide better, more accurate and faster responses to existing issues. This will also ensure that the company is consistent in the way it responds to crises.

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