Google's $30 USB-C earbuds offer access to Assistant, translations

In case the wireless Pixel Buds aren't for you.

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Google's $30 USB-C earbuds offer access to Assistant, translations

Google's first attempt at wireless earbuds, the Pixel Buds, aren't for everyone. Not just because they don't live up to the hype -- due to jerky performance, overly sensitive touch controls and a tedious case design -- but also because they cost $159. If that's a lot more than you're willing to spend, Google has a budget-friendly option for you: the Pixel USB-C earbuds, priced at $30.

Not surprisingly, you won'y get any wireless action here, but these new earbuds will still give you access to some of the best features of the Pixel Buds. That includes the Google Assistant and real-time language translations, which can be activated with the buttons on the in-line remote.

Right now, it looks like you can only order them in the white color pictured above, so if you were hoping to get a black set, you're out of luck. You can buy from Google's site and get them sometime next week.

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