Verizon posts full Pixel 3 product page ahead of Google event

Wireless charging and the Pixel Stand have been confirmed too.

Did we say that we'd seen the last Pixel 3 leak ahead of Google's event? Sorry, we were mistaken. Our parent company Verizon prematurely posted (and promptly removed) a product page for the Pixel 3 line that confirmed a few key details mere hours before the October 9th media gathering. You're likely all too familiar with the Pixel 3 XL's deeply notched display and dual front cameras (one for wide-angle shots and one for close portraits), but the page also confirmed what many suspected about the Pixel Stand. It provides fast wireless charging (up to 10W), but it also turns your Pixel 3 into a makeshift smart speaker that can control your home with either voice control or "one-touch shortcuts."

The early peek also confirmed that Google Photos will once again offer free, unlimited storage of full-resolution snapshots to Pixel 3 owners (in this case, through the end of January 2022). And if you despise spam calls, you'll be happy to hear the new smartphones will automatically screen suspicious calls and provide real-time transcriptions so that you can decide whether or not to pick up.

Just don't expect a major revision to the Pixel Buds. Verizon's advertising suggests Google will continue to offer the same wireless earbuds it did last year, so any design traits you loved or hated will remain intact.

We still wouldn't rule out surprises at Google's event, especially since there's likely to be more hardware on display besides the Pixel 3 series. However, there's little doubt that this is one of the most widely leaked major announcements in recent memory -- it's to the point where Google has been leaning into the leaks to drum up hype.