'Pokémon Go' adds Sinnoh region critters from 'Diamond' and 'Pearl'

You can now play with undeniably the cutest starter, Piplup.
Imad Khan
I. Khan|10.10.18

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Imad Khan
October 10th, 2018
Pokemon / YouTube
Pokemon / YouTube

Here's hoping you saved those candies in Pokémon Go. Now Sinnoh Region Pokémon, introduced in the versions of Diamond and Pearl from the Nintendo DS, are making their way into the game. A teaser of what's to come shows that at least Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup and the legendary Giratina will be in this upcoming wave. A release date was not announced.

There will also be some balance changes to the game as well. CP and HP values will be adjusted to even things out. Defense and stamina values will too be rebalanced, preventing tanky Pokémon from taking too long to defeat. Defense overall has been nerfed.

And with four generations of Pokémon down, it's only another four before developer Niantic and The Pokemon Company catch up to the mainline series of games. And while Pokémon Go might not have the same hype it did back in 2016, it still has an active--and recently growing.

This is in large part to Niantic's continued update release schedule and events, helping inject the game with new things to do. For Halloween this year, the Psychic Spectacular event has trainers capturing as many strong-against-ghost Pokémon as possible. This will culminate with the chance to capture the legendary Pokémon Suicune, as well as some other shinies.

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