Reddit and Patreon team up to help creators foster community

Patrons can receive special flair on their Reddit profiles.

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Reddit and Patreon are teaming up to help creators grow their communities and give their fans more ways to support them. Patreon creators will be able to connect their page to their subreddits. Once the two are integrated, creators can include Patreon widgets on their subreddits to encourage fans to venture to that site, presumably in the hope that will lead more people to support their work with subscriptions.

Patreon user flair on reddit

Creators will be able to reward people for their patronage with dedicated Reddit flair (essentially a label that reads "Patron" after their username) that gives them a little recognition for their direct support and lets creators instantly see if someone in their subreddit is a subscriber. Creators can add flair to their own Reddit accounts, and they have the option of adding widgets to their pages on Patreon that link to their Reddit communities.

The idea seems to be, as with Patreon's Discord integration, that the partnership will allow smoother communication and foster deeper connections between creators and their fans, while boosting creators' subscriber numbers and income. The effort is starting with a limited number of creators and communities, including artist and musician Amanda Palmer, before rolling out to more next week.

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