iFixit takes a peek inside the new MacBook Air

Apple's lightweight laptop uses some familiar-looking parts.

You know the drill -- new hardware arrives and iFixit pulls it apart. Apple's revised MacBook Air just hit the shop table, so you can look inside while figuring out which of the company's portable computing solutions fits your lifestyle (if any of them do). A peek inside confirmed Apple's butterfly keyboard setup with silicone gasket that reduces noise and -- just coincidentally -- contaminants from breaking things, as well as a battery cell that can be replaced without swapping the laptop's entire top casing with the keyboard and trackpad.

Parts like ports, the fan and speakers are also more modular than earlier designs, which is good both for iFixit's DIY crowd, and encouraging as a quick turnaround prospect even for those of us who might simply drop off a machine for a quick repair. For now though, it's all about getting a look at the parts that make up its lightweight design, as well as specs like its 49.9 Wh battery that slides in between the larger XPS 13 and smaller Surface Laptop 2.