iFixit finds a 'cover-up' inside new MacBook Pro keyboards

Is Apple's tweak actually aimed at keeping dust out?

While we've been all over the outside of Apple's newest MacBook Pro lineup, iFixit has, as usual, decided to look underneath the hood and find out what's changed from previous models. While it has not published a full teardown report yet, the repair outfit said that the keyboard may have a bigger change than Apple let on. Users have reported problems with the "butterfly switch" keyboards in new Apple laptops for a while saying they're too sensitive to crumbs and dust and can't have individual keys repaired. Still, the company said this iteration only has changes that make them quieter to use.

As some have suspected, however, any re-engineering may have taken a "why not both?" approach. iFixit found a new silicone barrier around the switch that would help make it quieter -- and keep potential contaminants from gumming up the works. Another link is a patent Apple received for something like this to help keep dust and dirt out of its keyboard switches. With lawsuits already filed and a service program for older computers in place, Apple has more than enough reasons to be coy about its updates, but only time will tell if these new keys are truly more reliable.