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'Blade Runner: Revelations' is built for Lenovo's new VR headset

It's one of the first VR games to use Google's WorldSense position tracking.

The newly-launched Lenovo Mirage Solo is the first-ever standalone Daydream headset, so Google wants to make sure you've got stuff to do with it. Partnering with Alcon Media Group, it has unveiled Blade Runner: Revelations, a VR experience set in the Blade Runner universe. You'll play the role of seasoned blade runner Harper solving the mystery behind some kind of replicant plot, using resources like a flying spinner, blaster and Esper image reconstruction.

The game is one of the first to take advantage of WorldSense, Google's new position tracking tech that works without any external sensors. The game uses it to let you "duck, dodge and lean, and step backwards, forwards and side to side, unlocking new gameplay elements that bring the world of Blade Runner to life," Alcon explains in a news release.

The Mirage Solo offers six degrees of freedom like with an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, but with the added bonus of no cables to trip over or external sensors to worry about (you still need to be careful though, obviously). There's also no need for a smartphone, which means no annoying notifications.

Blade Runner: Revelations was created by Seismic Studios, working with Google, and is "best experienced with the Lenovo Mirage Solo," the studio says -- hopefully, you can also play it on other Daydream headsets, though. Expect it to arrive sometime this spring at the same time around the new headset.

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