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Recommended Reading: Google Assistant's new bag of tricks

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Billy Steele
05.12.18 in Internet

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Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Google's Duplex could make Assistant the most lifelike AI yet
Richard Nieva,

Google has big plans for Assistant, and some of what it showed at I/O this week is equal parts fascinating and worrisome. CNET took a closer look at the so-called Duplex technology that will allow Google Assistant to do things like make phone calls on your behalf. The company has since said it will alert the person on the other end that they're speaking to AI, but for many, questions remain.

I'm not Black, I'm Kanye
Ta-Nehisi Coates,
The Atlantic

If there's one thing I've learned over the last few years, it's that when Coates publishes something, it's going to be worth your time. This piece about the current state of Yeezus is no exception.

A helpful guide to TV cancellation season
Miles Surrey,
The Ringer

It's that time of year: The span of a few days where networks purge their slates of shows to make room for the next round of hopefuls. The Ringer helps you parse through all the news of the last few days with a handy guide to the madness.

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