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Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix

'Lost in Space' will return to Netflix after a successful first season

Will Robinson isn't in danger of being cancelled.

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Courtesy of Netflix

There's little doubt that Netflix put a lot of faith in its Lost in Space remake... thankfully, that trust has paid off. The service has renewed the adventures of the Robinson family for a second season. It's too early for a premiere date or plot details, but you can presume it'll revolve around the colonists' survival in an alien landscape and the alliances they form along the way.

Reactions to the new Lost in Space have been mixed, but there's no doubt that Netflix invested a lot into the the project between a familiar cast and lavish special effects -- it needed the show to be a commercial success. Much to its relief, that appears to have been the case. Nielsen indicated that Lost in Space drew 6.3 million American viewers (let alone international) in the first three days, there's at least a large-enough audience to keep the series going.

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