Netflix's 'Lost in Space' doesn't look like the show you remember

It definitely isn't a rehash of the 1960s original.

Netflix has released the first full trailer for its Lost in Space remake, and it definitely isn't a retread of the 1960s TV show... or the 1998 movie, for that matter. While the core premise remains intact (the Robinsons have been stranded following a colonization mission gone wrong), much has changed in the past few decades. It's not just the modern special effects or the grittier (if still family friendly) tone -- the show is tinkering with important characters.

The most obvious change is to Robot, which now has alien origins and is potentially dangerous, not just the friendly helper from before. You also get to see the radical change to Dr. Smith, who's played by Parker Posey. Showrunner Zack Estrin noted to EW that his version of Lost in Space will answer some questions about Smith that weren't addressed the first time around, such as why the doctor is there and why the Robinsons would keep someone the audience knows is duplicitous.

Netflix debuts the new series on April 13th, and it joins a sci-fi push that includes Altered Carbon, more Black Mirror episodes and Duncan Jones' noire-like movie Mute. The streaming service clearly wants to corner the market for the genre, and that means attracting big-budget productions that could easily rival what you'd see on broadcast networks.