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Sinemia takes on MoviePass with subscription plans for two

It's an acknowledgment that you'll probably have a plus one.

Sinemia has an idea as to how to beat MoviePass at its own game: offer subscriptions that model the way you usually go to the movies, with other people. It's now offering a range of "Sinemia for Two" subscriptions that, as the name implies, let you bring a partner or friend to the theater. The basic $10 monthly plan (£10 in the UK) offers one movie for two, but you can step up to two movies for $14 (£14), add 3D or IMAX to the mix for $20 (£20) and jump to a third movie for $30 (£30). And yes, you can pick the seats to be sure you stay together.

Whoever owns the account gets a prepaid debit card to buy both tickets through either the theater or a go-between like Atom, Fandango or The feature is available everywhere Sinemia operates, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Turkey.

This won't be much help if you're bringing your whole posse to the theater, but it's consistent with Sinemia's strategy for thwarting MoviePass. Its plans might not give you a movie every day, but they're potentially more sustainable and grounded in everyday viewing habits.

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