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Team Ninja teases 'Nioh 2' for PS4

Demonic samurai are back.
Rob LeFebvre, @roblef
06.11.18 in AV
Team Ninja

As another short trailer began at the PlayStation press event at E3 in Los Angeles this evening, a samurai warrior stumbling through a foggy wood was attacked by a big red demon. The warrior fights valiantly, but his helmet is soon knocked off, showing him to also be a demon, at least in part, with glowing red horns. He pulls them out of his forehead and takes a much more monstrous form. Nioh 2 is announced.

"Defy Death," said the trailer. And then, "Death Defies You." Team Ninja's sequel to its original comeback story will hopefully fare as well as the first. The trailer holds no details on release date, nor platform exclusivity, but it does look fairly stunning.

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