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‘Shenmue’ returns August 21st

Sailors can be found on Xbox, PS4 and PC.
Kris Holt, @krisholt
07.03.18 in AV

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With the third chapter in the Shenmue saga delayed yet again until 2019, fans (and newcomers) can keep themselves busy in the meantime with the first two games on their fancy modern consoles and PCs. Sega is re-releasing Shenmue I and II on PS4, Xbox One and Steam August 21st. Pre-orders are now open, and the console editions of Ryo Hazuki's revenge story are getting physical copies, with a double-sided poster tucked into the case.

Sega is updating the user interface, and you can choose to play through with either English or Japanese voiceovers. Until you can get your hands on the high-definition re-release, there's a new trailer to whet your appetite, and you might be pleased to know that the iconic forklift races get a moment to shine.

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