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Recommended Reading: Self-driving cars still have a lot to learn

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Billy Steele
07.07.18 in Internet
Natalie Behring / Reuters

Self-driving cars are headed toward an AI roadblock
Russell Brandom,
The Verge

It's no secret that the auto industry is racing towards production of fully autonomous vehicles. A number of companies say they can achieve the feat in the next year or so; however, critics say it may be a while longer before you're able to completely relax during your commute. The Verge explains why AI experts argue self-driving cars could be years or maybe decades away from being able reliably avoid accidents.

Tim Berners-Lee, the man who created the World Wide Web, has some regrets
Katrina Brooker,
Vanity Fair

Fake news. Mass surveillance. Tim Berners-Lee chats about what his invention has become, and how we might fix it.

Inside vaporwave's mini-boom of floppy disk releases
Christopher R. Weingarten,
Rolling Stone

Yes, music is being released on 3.5-inch disk drives in 2018. And yes, the story behind them is amazing.

Mission accomplished
Tonya Malinowski,

A soccer ball survived the Challenger disaster in 1986 and it became so much more than a ball.

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