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Uber is reportedly testing continuous background checks for drivers

Better than once a year, for sure.

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PA Wire/PA Images

Background checks have been a problem for ride sharing companies for quite some time. Colorado fined Uber $8.9 million for hiring drivers with criminal records, while more than 8,000 Lyft and Uber drivers failed a Massachusetts background check last year. To combat these issues, Uber committed to vetting its drivers annually this past April. Now the company is apparently rolling out ongoing background checks for its drivers.

According to Axios, Uber is collaborating with its current background check partner Checkr and safety data provider Appriss. Uber will be notified if a driver is charged with a new criminal offense and can then decide if it warrants removal from the platform. Axios reports that Uber started testing the system at the beginning of July with a large percentage of US drivers, and that 25 drivers have been removed so far.

Update 7/13/18 2:28pm: When reached for comment, Uber confirmed the testing and offered the following statement from Uber's Vice President of Safety and Insurance, Gus Fuldner: "Safety is essential to Uber and we want to ensure drivers continue to meet our standards on an ongoing basis. This new continuous checking technology will strengthen our screening process and improve safety."

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