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'Black Friday: Revolution 1979' is coming to consoles starting July 31st

PS4 fans get it first, with the Switch and Xbox versions going out days later.

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iNK Stories

"We need more games like 1979 Revolution: Black Friday," Engadget Senior Reporter Jessica Conditt wrote in 2016. Two years later and the historical title chronicling the Iranian revolution will make its way from PC and mobile platforms to the Nintendo Switch. We now know when it'll be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well.

Come July 31st (Harry Potter's birthday, mind you) you'll be able to take the role of a photojournalist covering the titular event on PS4, while the Switch and Xbox One versions will be released two and three days later, respectively. Pre-order pages aren't live just yet, but once they are, your lack of patience will be rewarded with a 20 percent discount.

In her game of the year write-up, my colleague Jess called 1979 "intense, emotional and thoughtful," continuing that it "humanizes a crucial moment in history" despite gameplay feeling clumsy in spots. Soon, you'll get to experience that on a home console for yourself.

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