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'Life is Strange 2' teaser hints at dangerous powers

Things don't end well.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
08.02.18 in AV

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Now that Dontnod has set up some of the framework for Life is Strange 2 with The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, it's ready to tease a bit of the game itself... and clearly, something's amiss. The brief clip shows a police officer responding to a "10-10" (fight in progress), only for someone or something to blast him backward with a mysterious power. It's not completely clear that this is connected to what we saw in Captain Spirit, but it's safe to say there isn't much of a link to the first game -- Dontnod has stressed that there's a new location and new characters. Still, that won't stop the endless speculation ahead of the full reveal at Gamescom on August 20th.

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