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HQ Trivia comes to your living room on Apple TV

Just so long as you're home when the game show starts.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
08.14.18 in AV

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Intermedia Labs

Game shows got their start on TV, so it would only make sense that a modern variant like HQ Trivia would be playable on a TV, right? Right. Accordingly, Intermedia Labs has released an Apple TV version of HQ Trivia that brings the live, win-real-money experience to a bigger screen. It'll seem very familiar if you've played the mobile, but the game is unsurprisingly well-suited to TV -- Scott and other hosts don't have to be squished into the confines of a phone display.

There's no mention of corresponding versions for Android TV or smart TV interfaces. It seems like a natural fit with an Apple TV version available, though. The one drawback to this version is simply that it's tied to a single location. Just like old-school game shows, you'll have to be at home at the right time if you want to tune in to HQ Trivia in all its TV-quality glory.

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