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The Morning After: Amazon might buy a movie theater chain

And other things.

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Reddit, BetterEveryLoop

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Welcome to Friday! I'm so proud of you. Today, we're reporting on the return of Iron Fist, an ASUS laptop that proves gimmicks can work and rumors that Amazon might buy a movie-theater chain.

He reportedly downloaded 90GB of sensitive data.
Australian teen pleads guilty to hacking Apple

An Australian teenager pleaded guilty to charges over repeatedly hacking into Apple's computer systems, The Age reports. He reportedly was able to access authorized keys, view customer accounts and download 90GB of secure files before being caught.

But ASUS falls short with battery life.
ZenBook Pro 15 review (2018): The touchscreen touchpad is no gimmick

The ZenBook Pro can go toe-to-toe with the MacBook Pro when it comes to performance. And the much-hyped ScreenPad can actually be more useful than Apple's TouchBar. Still, poor battery life holds the entire system back, and Senior Editor Devindra Hardawar wishes the ScreenPad ecosystem was stronger at launch.

More issues.
In 'Iron Fist' season two, Danny must battle a familiar enemy

Yep, Danny Rand is back to show that two fists make for more fights. He's not the only one with a glowing hand of mystic power.

It expects its 2019 and 2020 processors to push past Intel.
ARM says its next processors will outperform Intel laptop chips

ARM-based laptops have been pretty rough so far, but you could see a change there. The company has offered a rare peek at the performance expectations for its future processor architectures, and the figures might make Intel nervous. While ARM already believes that its recently unveiled Cortex-A76 is competitive with Intel's 2.6GHz Core i5 chip, it expects its 2019 Deimos and 2020 Hercules designs to clearly outperform that CPU. It's pitching "laptop-class" speed from a more efficient mobile chip.

Lawmakers are concerned there isn't an adequate replacement.
Trump reportedly reverses Obama-era rules for US cyber operations

The Trump administration has reportedly reversed an Obama-era framework for how and when the US can use cyber attacks against foes. President Trump undid Presidential Policy Directive 20 yesterday according to the Wall Street Journal's sources, and with it reversed a classified framework detailing a multi-agency process that must be followed before carrying out an attack.

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