Australian teen pleads guilty to hacking Apple

He reportedly downloaded 90GB of sensitive data.

An Australian teenager pleaded guilty today to charges over repeatedly hacking into Apple's computer systems, The Age reports. He reportedly was able to access authorized keys, view customer accounts and download 90GB of secure files before being caught. Once alerted to the repeated intrusions, Apple blocked the teen and notified the FBI of the breaches. The agency in turn contacted the Australian Federal Police who raided the teenager's home last year, seizing two Apple laptops, a mobile phone and a hard drive.

Law enforcement was able to connect the IP addresses and serial numbers of the young man's devices to the Apple instructions, according to court proceedings reported by The Age. They also found a trove of hacking files and instructions saved in a folder the teen had labeled "hacky hack hack."

According to the defendant's lawyer, the teen hacked Apple because he was a big fan of the company and dreamed of working for it one day. He's set to be sentenced next month. The prosecutor on the case noted that Apple was "very sensitive about publicity."