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Tesla package will enable Track Mode for more Model 3 buyers

You won't be shut out of advanced settings because of past buying decisions.

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Roberto Baldwin/Engadget

Tesla's Model 3 Performance is potentially a tuner's dream EV thanks to its upcoming Track Mode, but there's a problem: to get that Track Mode, you have to spring for a Performance Upgrade package on top of the Performance trim level. You won't have to worry if you had cold feet and bought 'just' the regular version, however. Tesla has confirmed that it's working on an after-the-fact Performance Upgrade package that should arrive around the same time as Track Mode itself. It's not clear how much this will cost, but it's likely higher than the $5,000 you'd pay to have it included at the factory.

It's safe to say that you'll need the base Performance car for this to work, since the upgrade package focuses on easier-to-change features like the speed limiter, the addition of a carbon fiber spoiler, an improved suspension and higher-end wheels. You won't suddenly turn your single-motor Model 3 into a beast. All the same, this is an important move -- you won't be locked out of perks like Track Mode just because you weren't quite sure about an option the first time around.

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