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The latest limited-time 'Fortnite' game mode is a daring jewel heist

The Getaway is part of a grander 'High Stakes' event.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
09.04.18 in AV

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Epic Games

Epic has another high-profile Fortnite mode on the way, but this one won't involve a gauntlet-wielding supervillain. It's launching a themed "High Stakes" event on September 5th, and the star of the show is a limited-time The Getaway mode that has squads swiping a jewel from one of four safes around the island and bringing it to an escape van. The event also brings loads of purchasable cosmetics, including male and female skins with card-themed masks, a money-laden glider and a trail of bills when you drop.

It's not certain how long the mode will last, although history suggests it'll be a matter of weeks. No matter what, it's evident that Epic wants to keep its battle royale shooter fresh -- even if it sometimes means steering away from conventional battle royale gameplay for the sake of variety.

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