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Jordan XXXIII adds lacing tech 'informed' by Nike's HyperAdapt

It's like the self-tightening sneaker, except it's yourself doing the work.

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Tonight Nike's Jordan Brand unveiled the Air Jordan 33, and besides a design that harkens back to the Jordan III shoe from 1988, it includes technology relating to a more recent model. The "FastFit" tightening system that activates by tugging a strap on the forefoot took some hints from Nike's $720 self-tightening HyperAdapt 1.0 that debuted in 2016.

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Similar to shoes like the FlyEase models that Nike has developed, it's more accessible for people who may struggle with laces for various reasons, and easier to adjust in-game for serious athletes. According to designer Tate Kuerbis, "We were inspired by how space suits look and function. It's all very utilitarian, and the various elements and what they do are all clearly called out. Thinking about this led us to highlight the pull cord, eject cord and the inner workings of FastFit, and make the function integral to the aesthetic and graphic integrity of the design."

It's not exactly the self-lacing dream inspired by Back to the Future II's Nikes, but as everyone tries to shave off a few ounces, it likely makes more sense than adding anything motorized. This is the first time FastFit is coming to a basketball shoe, although Nike has used it previously on golf shoes like the Golf Tour Premier. The shoes go on sale October 18th for $175.

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