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Image credit: DC Comics/Warner Bros.

Netflix will be home to DC's 'Titans' outside of the US

You won't have to live in the States to see the flagship superhero show.

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DC Comics/Warner Bros.

DC Universe's streaming service is limited to the US for now, but that doesn't mean you'll be locked out of its flagship show. Netflix has reached a deal with Warner Bros. to stream Titans outside of the US, giving people in most countries (outside of China, where you can't watch Netflix) the chance to see Robin gather his band of young superheroes. There's no specific date for when the show will reach international audiences, although it makes its DC Universe debut on October 12th.

This isn't Netflix's first such deal by any stretch. It scored the rights to offer Star Trek: Discovery in countries where CBS All Access or other special deals aren't available. This may be more important to DC and Warner Bros., though. They don't own a broadcasting network, like CBS does -- they're that much more dependent on global partners to make their streaming shows widely available.

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