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Volvo's subscription service is so popular it's running out of XC40s

Care by Volvo has blasted through first year sales projections.

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Roberto Baldwin / Engadget

Volvo made it clear back in June that its Care by Volvo subscription service was going to be a big hit. Now, it's got the stats to back it up: in just four months the company has sold as many subscriptions as it originally anticipated selling in the scheme's first year. And if you want in on the $650 a month deal for the XC40, you'll probably be waiting until next year for your vehicle to be delivered. It'll be a challenge getting ahold of it via traditional means, too, as Volvo has pinched the supply of XC40s going to dealerships.

The subscription service originally launched at $600 per month, which includes the $35,000 XC40 T5 Momentum, maintenance, 24/7 concierge, insurance and roadside assistance. Clearly the extra $50 hasn't put customers off, with the 2019 S60 T6 R-Design sedan also being offered under the scheme, for $850. No doubt it's proved popular because of its affordability. Volvo's impressive take-up figures come hot on the heels of Cadillac's plans to suspend its own subscription service just a year after launching it -- the major difference, however, was that Cadillac's program came with a much heftier $1,800 per month price tag.

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