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Someone may have hacked Drake's 'Fortnite' account

Game streamer Ninja found out during a charity stream.

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Prince Williams/Wireimage

Drake is a fairly knowledgeable Fortnite player, but he might have a thing or two to learn about online security. While famed game streamer Ninja was running a charity event on November 23rd, a "Duddus647" account joined his Fortnite game, possibly using Drake's Epic Games account name rather than his usual PS4 handle ("TheBoyDuddus"). However, whoever was using that account was very clearly not Drake. After some silence, it became clear that this most definitely wasn't the Canadian rap superstar -- the person suddenly unleashed a string of racist slurs that forced Ninja to leave the game.

Ninja said he would message Drake about the apparent hack, and that he'd report the player to Epic.

There hasn't been direct confirmation that this is Drake's account. Epic isn't about to hand out personal details, after all. However, the account name lines up (647 is an area code in Drake's hometown of Toronto), and Ninja is in a position to know. Either way, it's not a good look for the musician -- and it's a reminder that two-factor authentication is practically a must if you're concerned about your account security.

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