Epic uses a free 'Fortnite' dance to encourage two-factor authentication

Make criminals take the L.

As Fortnite's popularity has grown, player's accounts have become targets for attackers who want to steal access and run up fake charges. One way to combat this is by enabling two-factor authentication that requires a generated code or emailed link for login in addition to the user's password, but as we've seen on other services, not everyone turns it on. Epic Games has a solution though, by offering a free emote to players who enable two-factor on their accounts.

Fortnite 'Boogiedown' emote

The game's dances are now everywhere in popular culture, from the World Cup this summer to the other football that's about to kick off this fall. In the interest of seeing fewer account hijackings, hopefully Epic has struck up on a method that can be copied by other services to encourage widespread use of enhanced security measures.