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Google's minty Home Mini arrives after month-long delay

Please do not eat your smart speaker.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
11.29.18 in AV

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Now that the Home Hub is widely available, Google is releasing its other smart speaker update this year: namely, that Aqua Home Mini it was supposed to ship in late October (yes, roughly a month ago). The minty-colored puck costs the same $49 as other Minis and doesn't offer any functional advantages, but it might be just the ticket if Coral clashes with your living room or you want to coordinate with an Aqua-tinted Home Hub.

It's not clear how widely available the color will be, but you can find it at Walmart in addition to the Google Store. At this point, the main question is whether or not the original Google Home will follow suit and help you create a more harmonious connected home. For now, you might have to make do with other colors if you demand a consistent look.

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