Google Home Mini gets a new minty-fresh color option

It'll look great in the bathroom.

When the Google Home Mini debuted last year, it was available in a dark "Charcoal" grey, a lighter "Chalk" grey and a pinkish orange "Coral." Today, a week before Google's annual Pixel event, the company is unveiling a brand new hue of the Home Mini -- a minty blue "Aqua."

"Coral is warm, Aqua is cool," said Isabelle Olsson, the head of industrial design for Google Home, to Engadget. "It's a soothing yet fresh option that could be used to either contrast or blend in."

Google's Home Mini is undoubtedly one of the company's best selling products. In the second quarter of this year, for example, the tiny little Echo Dot rival was said to be the top selling smart speaker in the world. Some of this can be attributed to the Mini's tantalizing price point, but also to its soft, minimalist design. So much so that Amazon seems to have drawn inspiration from it with the styling of the latest Echo Dot, which is similarly clad in fabric.

"By making the form simple and appealing, drawing inspiration from home goods, and offering several color options, we can let people choose if they want the product to stand out or fit in," said Olsson.

The Google Home Mini in Aqua will be available on October 29th for $49, which is the same price as the other colors. As for what else Google will unveil this year, we'll just have to wait until next week to find out.