Samsung's imposing 98-inch 8K TV defines CES opulence

You can also spring for 'just' a 65-inch 8K set.

Samsung's initial 85-inch 8K TV was just the tip of the iceberg. The electronics giant has formally unveiled its 2019 TV lineup at CES, and the QLED-based Q900 series will include a range of 8K models headlined by a massive, intimidating 98-inch version -- if you have the room and cash for it, you can make sure you see every last pixel. There will also be 65-, 75-, 82- and 85-inch sets in case your bank account or living space isn't sufficiently enormous.

All of the Q900 TVs use a Quantum Processor 8K chip that relies on AI-based tech to scale media from various sources to "near pristine" 8K. We'd take that claim with a grain of salt (someone's 720p YouTube upload won't improve much at 8K), but good scaling is important when there's virtually no 8K-native content. Software-wise, you can expect a Universal Guide with "improved" AI to help you find content, the latest version of Bixby, and dramatically expanded support that includes Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls as well as iTunes and AirPlay 2.

We're still waiting on pricing and more precise release dates (Samsung mentioned that iTunes and AirPlay would arrive in the spring). It's safe to presume the 98-incher will make last year's $15,000 85-inch set seem like a bargain, though. The real question is whether or not any of the smaller sets will be vaguely affordable. Like early 4K TVs, you could be paying a stiff premium to enjoy your early adopter status.