Simplehuman made a mirror with Google Assistant built in

It'll play music, answer questions and help you look your best.

For a company famous for its analog trash cans, soap dispensers and toilet plungers, Simplehuman is embracing a digital future. The company has returned to this particular consumer electronics show to show off a new pedestal mirror that includes Google's voice assistant. The Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist unsurprisingly pairs a looking glass with microphone and speaker, letting you quiz Google about what's up.

As well as Assistant integration, the mirror will pull double duty as a Bluetooth and AirPlay 2 speaker for your home. Simplehuman boasts that the device packs a "custom, Danish-designed 2.5-inch acoustic driver" to deliver room-filling sound. Walk toward the mirror, too, and the built-in tru-lux bulbs will automatically replicate daylight in the morning, but offer dusky hues in the evening.


It's certainly been possible to get voice assistants baked into mirrors before, especially if you knew your way around a Raspberry Pi. But commercial smart mirrors in this vein have been limited to a few high-price items, as well as Philips' Hue Adore, when hooked up to the right accessories. If Simplehuman's offering looks like one worth trying, then you'll be able to pick it up for $400 when it launches in spring. A HiFi-only edition will be released at the same time, priced at $350.