Amazon revives its live shopping stream with a larger scope

Amazon Live now pitches tech, toys and home goods on top of fashion.

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Jon Fingas
February 8, 2019 8:24 PM

Amazon isn't giving up on live shopping streams just because its first attempt fell flat. The internet giant recently launched Amazon Live, a streaming channel with a much larger scope. Where the old Style Code Live was a single show devoted to beauty and fashion, Live encompasses a variety of shows that showcase products ranging from technology to household items. There are some shows with dedicated hosts, but some are run by the brands themselves -- the beauty brand Grace & Stella was hosting a segment as we wrote this.

Interaction plays a large role. You can ask hosts questions much like you would through an app like Instagram, whether you're on the web or using the Amazon mobile app. The brands themselves, meanwhile, have access to a new (and currently iOS-only) Live Creator app to broadcast, chat and track the success of their shows.

It currently has a limited reach. The dedicated Live section only appeared in the mobile app this week, for instance. While many people worldwide can watch, companies have to be US Professional Sellers who've signed up for the Amazon Brand Registry. It explicitly forbids livestreams from Hong Kong and mainland China.

There's no guarantee this will succeed, although the more inclusive strategy could rope in more viewers. If nothing else, it illustrates Amazon's recent focus on shopping recommendations -- the company knows its vast catalog can be intimidating, and it's betting that a nudge in the right direction might get you to buy things you'd otherwise miss.

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