Instagram can turn question stickers into live Q&As

You can also use countdown stickers to your Stories.

Instagram's question stickers have at least one main problem: you have to be patient while awaiting the answer. Now, however, you might just get some instant gratification. The social network is introducing an option to respond to a question in a Story by going live. This could be most helpful for creatives who want to start an impromptu Q&A (say, a beauty blogger offering makeup tips), but it should also be handy for answering deep questions or anything else where a Story would be too short. Broadcasters can share photos and videos from their camera roll, too.

There's more. Friends can respond to question stickers using Instagram's music library, so you can ask for on-the-spot song recommendations. And with New Year's coming up, Instagram is appropriately introducing countdown stickers to Stories to build up hype for events. You can use the sticker any time before the countdown is over, and others can follow or share a countdown to get an alert when it's over.

Most of the features are available on both Android and iOS today. You'll have to be patient if you're an Android streamer, though. While both Android and iOS users can create and participate in live Q&As, only iOS users can share mid-stream photos and videos right now (Android users have to be content with view them).

Instagram countdown sticker