Take a peek at Honda's Urban EV dashboard

The hotly anticipated EV will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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Honda's upcoming Urban EV is one of the most highly anticipated vehicles being shown off at the Geneva Motor Show next month. As the spiritual (and technological) successor to the venerated Civic hatchback, the Urban EV will reportedly sport a suite of high tech toys, features, and functionality when it goes on sale in the near future (only in Europe, unfortunately). Honda's been dribbling details about the vehicle for more than a year now and -- just in time for Geneva -- has revealed what its dash and instrument cluster will look like.

As you can see in the image above, the Urban EV's split instrument cluster will offer what are quickly becoming the standard features for smart vehicles and EVs: Navigation, hands-free calling, a (presumably voice activated) personal assistant, smartphone connectivity, and an array of various EV system statuses. Driver's will also have access to USB, Bluetooth, and even HDMI inputs as well.

But perhaps the most exciting feature shown in the teaser image is located on the faux-wood panel immediately below screens. No, not the parking brake button -- it's the volume knob and audio power button that recently returned to new Civics and Accords. Trying to adjust the volume or turn the radio off when either of those functions are virtualized on a touchscreen (looking at you, Tesla) isn't just a pain, it creates a needless distraction when you're driving. By opting for a physical, haptic interface, Honda makes it easier to futz with the sound system without taking your eyes off the road.

We'll have full coverage of the 2019 Geneva Motor Show when it opens in March so stay tuned, everybody.

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Take a peek at Honda's Urban EV dashboard